Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our personal are qualified, responsible and feel sense of belonging in the workplace. They are continously empowered with necessary training and knowledge. Our quality policies are:

Being trustworthy, sought after firm prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Following and applying technological developments to reduce costs and increase profit.

Aiming to increase quality constantly through fostering the team-spirit and creating a friendly working environment where the employees display the best of their abilities and explore their potential to the fullest.

Developing quality, environment, occupational health and safety consciousness in all the employees.

Establishing a cooperation based on mutual trust and satisfaction with our stakeholders.

Utilizing our technical, administrative and financial resources to advertise our firm and to increase our share in the domestic and global market.

Maintaining a solution-based approach to rapidly prevent and resolve any difficulties successfully.

Being a socially responsible firm paying the utmost respect for the society and the environment.

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