The first step of shaping semi finished product (a square billet in our case) to its initial form is called hot rolled production. The billet is usually produced by either blast furnace or electric arc furnace method. Depending on the size and the length of finished product, the square billet is first cut to calculated lengths before feeding them into reheating furnace. The steel grade and the size of billet determine the temperature and heating period inside the furnace.

Once the billet comes out from the furnace, it passes through descaler which essentially removes sclaes formed on the billet during reheating process. Following this step, the billet successively passes through number of rolling mills until it gets its final size. The finished product is then cut to length before packaging.


At our rolling mill, we are able to produce round, square, flat and hexagonal bars in both mm and inch sizes. Depending on producibility, we are also able to offer non standard sizes. Additionally, as a heat treatment facility, we can carry out soft annealing and stress relieving on both hot rolled bar and wire rod products at our factory. Our products are suitable for machining and forging applications.

Hot Rolled Production Size Range
Section Size (mm) Standard

Quality standard: EN, DIN, SAE, BS and depending on customer request.

Round 16-130 EN 10060
Square 8x8-90x90 EN 10059
Flat 20x5-200x40 EN 10058
Hexagonal 19-85 EN 10061

A square shape semi finsihed product produced at melting shop. While billet produced via electric arc furnace route solely use scrap, blast furnace route mainly use iron ore.


The heating of billet to its recrystallisation temperature to reorganise its internal structure and remove the internal stress.

Reheating Furnace

A high pressure water jet pump is used to remove both primary and secondary scales formed during reheating process. It helps to improve surface quality of both hot rolled and cold drawn products.


Rolling mills, also known as reduction mills, are where the square billet passes through number of rollers to reduce its size successively until it get its final shape and size.

Rolling Mills

An essential step to remove any straightness issue caused by hot rolling process.

Hot Straightening Press

Finished products which are cut by saw machine to their specified lengths.

Cut to Length

An area where controlled cooling of hot rolled products are carried out.


Each bundle weighs between 2 to 3 tons.


All finished products are given their associated colour code and registered in our stock via barcode system.


Hot rolled bar and wire rod products at our factory can undergo heat treatment process to achieve required mechanical properties. As heat treatment, we can carry out soft annealing and stress relieving.

Heat Treatment Annealing Furnace

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